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Petroleum Impacted Soil Treatment – Enhanced Bioremediation 

Project Name

Project Location

South Australia


Southern Waste ResourceCo

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Project Description

Over 500 tonnes of petroleum impacted soil (TPH) was required to be treated in order to meet disposal guidelines. The source of the petroleum hydrocarbons was from a diesel spill that had been excavated and taken to the Southern Waste ResourceCo (SWR) treatment facility. Ennovo developed the treatment system in order to reduce the concentrations of petroleum hydrocarbons so the material could subsequently be disposed of to landfill.

The treatment system design was an enhanced bioremediation process where nutrients and other additives contained within the reagent Bio 3642 were added to the contaminated soil to facilitate rapid metabolic reduction of the petroleum compounds. The soil was turned on a regular basis to facilitate gas exchange and ensure oxygen levels were maintained. The reduction in petroleum concentrations occurred over a 3-month period, which allowed the material to be disposed.

The main disciplines undertaken included the following:

  • Soil treatment design
  • Obtaining soil treatment approvals
  • Bioremediation soil treatment using Bio 3642
  • Stockpile sampling and assessment
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