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Lo-Cal Flare Range

High Standards

The innovative Lo-Cal High Temperature (HT) flare is designed to provide greater gas control during the latter phases of a landfill site, or gas with a low methane concentration.

The Lo-Cal HT flare range enables LFG migration and odour control on landfill sites where conventional plant and equipment has failed.

High temperature combustion of LFG with low methane concentration is necessary on more and more landfill sites due to increased aftercare requirements. Decreasing gas volumes and lower gas methane concentration require innovative solutions. These systems have been successfully implemented on landfill sites for more than 20 years across Europe, and entered the Australian market through Ennovo over 7 years ago. The unique feature of this flare is that it has been proven to combust methane at 12 %v/v at over 1,000°C ensuring greater than 98 % destruction efficiency and compliance with Emission Reduction Fund (ERF) requirements.

The Lo-Cal flare range has been designed to comply with the most stringent international emission standards, Emission Reduction Fund requirements and Type B compliance.

Our Lo-Cal flare systems includes the following range and specification:

  • Automatic flame temperature control
  • Custom built flow rate range from 30 to 1,000 m3/hr
  • Gas booster custom built to requirements up to – 250 mbar
  • Non-Visible, Pre-Aerated, Turbulent Diffusion Flame Combustion
  • Flame temperature: 950°C minimum at 12 % v/v CH4
  • Retention time: 0.3 to 0.6 seconds
  • A range of optional instrumentation including flow rate, inlet gas and emissions analysis
  • Remote access and control, data-logging, and SMS text options.
  • High reliability landfill gas pilot.
  • Controls heat loss to the environment.
  • Fully enclosed and burn with no visible flame.
  • Can be designed as a natural or forced draught system.