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Elevated Flare Range

High Standards

Our elevated flare range of open flare stacks provides a good degree of control over the combustion process in an elevated flame burner, whilst remaining highly flexible and portable.

They are ideal for temporary or emergency mobile systems on landfill sites, for resource assessments, or can be used at municipal wastewater treatment plants and other anaerobic digesters.

The burner-tip arrangement is based upon the principle of pre-aerated combustion, giving the option of a short, sharp, non-luminous flame, as opposed to the yellow-tipped, long lazy flame typical of other diffusion burners.

The increased aeration reduces flame yellowing, which in turn reduces radiant heat, this allows a shorter flare without an increase in ground temperatures.

Our temporary flare systems includes the following range and specification:

  • High-intensity, low-luminosity flame.
  • Booster turn-down to zero flow without surging.
  • Manual flame temperature control.
  • Fully stainless steel construction as an option.
  • Skid or trailer mounted for ease of movement around site.
  • A range of optional instrumentation including flow rate and gas concentration measurement.
  • Remote access and data logging options.
  • Direct spark ignition, removing the need for a pilot.