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Leachate Telemetry System

High Standards

Ennovo provides a unique service offering in the management of leachate on landfill sites, through the development of our Low-Cost Leachate Telemetry System (LCLTS).

This system is able to monitor leachate level, an important regulatory requirement for any landfill, and pumped leachate volume. The system can be fitted to existing leachate pump systems and is telemetry enabled to provide real time data and set alarms.

This LCLTS has the advantages over other systems as follows:

  • Low-Cost.
    • Reduced labour requirements
    • Relatively low capital and operational cost
  • Real time data viewed on interactive dashboard.
    • Set regulatory set points and alarms
    • Downloadable data sets
    • Upload service reports
    • Easily accessible by multiple users
  • Applicable to most leachate pump systems.
    • Airwell and QED pump systems
  • Proven Track Record.