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Leachate Management

Innovative solutions

Management of leachate is critical in landfill applications.

Ennovo provides leachate and contaminated wastewater management for the following:

  • Landfill Leachate
  • Contaminated Groundwater
  • Industrial Process Wastewater
  • Contaminated Surface Water
  • Construction Site Waste Water

Management of leachate is critical in landfill applications, not only from an environmental compliance aspect, but also failure to deliver appropriate leachate management impacts on gas collection and control. We supply a range of landfill leachate treatment systems and support depending on specific requirements, including our leachate telemetry system.

The equipment and support provided to manage and treat these sources include the following:

  • Skid, truck and trailer mounted water treatment units
  • Leachate telemetry system
  • Containerised PLC water treatment systems with bespoke treatment trains
  • Tanks, pumps and filters
  • Chemical injection skids
  • Sequential Batch Reactors
  • Aeration systems
  • Methane stripping systems
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) or Nano filtration

Our systems are tailored based on characterisation of the leachate or contaminated wastewater, volume, site specifications and regulatory compliance. Our systems can be manufactured as both portable and modular systems, or as large permanent systems.