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Monitoring and Maintenance

Innovative solutions

Monitoring and maintenance services are an important part of operating waste management facilities.

All our personnel are experienced and trained to undertake monitoring and maintenance across a range of applications including the following:

  • LFG perimeter monitoring bores
  • LFG extraction well monitoring and balancing
  • Gas collection system (GCS) optimisation
  • Biogas flaring and extraction systems
  • Leachate and groundwater treatment systems
  • Landfill surface emission monitoring
  • Building gas monitoring
  • Service pit gas monitoring
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Surface water monitoring

Regarding landfill applications, we carry a range of equipment that all our personnel are trained in operating. This includes ensuring equipment is within the manufacturer’s calibration time frame and bump testing on known concentration gas appropriate for the ranges expected at site. Records are held for inspection and inclusion into documentation required as part of project requirements.