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Melbourne Regional Landfill (MRL) Stage 1 Design and Construct

Project Name

Project Location

Ravenhall, VIC



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Project Description

Biogas Systems were engaged to design and construct a gas collection system (GCS) in the Stage 1 area of the Melbourne Regional Landfill (MRL). The works were to mitigate lateral landfill gas (LFG) migration, which was  occurring from this relatively old part of  landfill.

The existing GCS was augmented with additional extraction wells located around the perimeter of the Stage 1 area. These were all connected to lateral lines and a lay flat manifold. The existing GCS was repaired and optimised, and then connected into the new GCS to ensure adequate extraction was occurring across the entire Stage 1 area.

The GCS was connected to a temporary elevated flare. This greatly improved gas extraction and mitigated lateral migration – demonstrated with decreases in LFG flow and methane concentration in the perimeter monitoring bores.

The main disciplines undertaken included the following:

  • Engineering design of LFG infrastructure
  • GCS contracting works
  • Elevated flare hire
  • Monitoring and maintenance
  • Data management and reporting
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