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Melbourne Regional Landfill (MRL) LFG Flare Design, Manufacture and Commission

Project Name

Project Location

Ravenhall, VIC



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Project Description

Biogas Systems were engaged to design, manufacture, install and commission a 3,000 m3/hr High Temperature (HT) ground flare. This flare would integrate with three existing flares and a power plant consisting of nine reciprocating landfill gas engines.

The flare is one of the largest flares supplied by Biogas Systems and was designed to meet Type B requirements and Emission Reduction Fund (ERF) specifications. The client (Cleanaway) also specified the blower system have a Total Head of 350 mbar, which also puts this flare system at the higher end of vacuum capacity for landfills in Australia.

Integration with the existing SCADA system and communication protocols were a challenge. This challenge was overcome by drawing on the depth of experience and skill from within the Biogas Systems team.

The main disciplines undertaken included the following:

  • Flare design and manufacture
  • Civil and concreting works
  • Type B and ERF compliance
  • Flare commissioning
  • Power plant integration
  • Monitoring and maintenance
  • Data management and reporting
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