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Elizabeth Drive Landfill LFG (HT) Flare Design, Manufacture and Commission

Project Name

Project Location

Kemps Creek, NSW



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Project Description

The Elizabeth Drive Landfill located in Kemps Creek, NSW, has an existing GCS connected to an existing 2,000 m3/hr flare and two 1MW reciprocating landfill gas engines. Due to ongoing landfilling activities, an additional ground flare was required for the site to control LFG emissions, generate carbon credits, and provide contingency when the engines were not operating.

Of particular importance, the SCADA system controlling both flares required upgrading. Integrating the operation of the entire biogas power plant system with the existing flare was also actioned. The SCADA system developed was a cloud-based system, providing a high level of control and intervention from any location with  adequate internet connection.

The new 2,000 m3/hr LFG (HT) flare was successfully installed and commissioned and has been integrated with the existing flare using the upgraded SCADA system.

The main disciplines undertaken included the following:

  • Flare design and manufacture
  • Civil and concreting works
  • Type B and ERF compliance
  • Flare commissioning
  • Power plant integration
  • Monitoring and maintenance
  • Data management and reporting
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