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Marsden Park Landfill Flare System Supply, GCS Installation, Monitoring and Maintenance 

Project Name

Project Location

Marsden Park, NSW


Blacktown Waste Services

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Project Description

Development WA undertook development of a historical landfill site located in Bibra Lake, Western Australia. The landfill site was remediated to allow construction and use of commercial buildings in a precinct arrangement. Ennovo were engaged to provide a specialist landfill gas (LFG) risk assessment and design a gas mitigation system to protect the surrounding buildings and ensure compliance.

The site has a number of unique aspects that presented both technical and financial challenges. Through the use of continuous monitoring equipment, a robust LFG risk assessment was achieved which in turn informed the design basis of the gas mitigation system.

Blacktown Waste Services required a landfill gas (LFG) flare for their Marsden Park Landfill in order to control potential off-site gas migration and to generate carbon credits. Biogas Systems were engaged for the supply and installation of a 1,000 m³/hr high temperature (HT) flare as well as the installation of a gas collection system (GCS) once final capping levels and layout was confirmed.

The disciplines covered included the following:

  • NGERs assessment
  • GCS design and installation
  • Pumping trial
  • Elevated flare monitoring and maintenance
  • GCS monitoring and maintenance
  • HT flare design and supply
  • Ongoing flare and GCS monitoring, servicing, and maintenance
  • Data management and ERF reporting
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