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Large Commercial Development

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Greater Sydney Area, New South Wales



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Project Description

A former landfill located directly adjacent a proposed development area was to undergo development for commercial use. The landfill presented a risk to the proposed development, therefore Ennovo was engaged to undertake a landfill gas risk assessment (LFGRA).

The works included development of a Sampling Analysis and Quality Plan (SAQP) as the site was under Audit, installation of 11 LFG monitoring wells, spot monitoring for a 6 week period, continuous gas monitoring using a GasfluX continuous gas monitoring unit, surface emissions testing, service pit testing and trace gas analysis. This information was used to develop the Conceptual Site Model (CSM) and then carry out the LFG risk assessment.

The approach focussed on generating a thorough understanding of the connection between the landfill and the proposed development. Using multiple lines of evidence this was confirmed from the monitoring program and generating the CSM. The final LFG risk assessment was accepted by the Auditor with a high level of client satisfaction.

The main disciplines undertaken included the following: 

  • Continuous and spot gas monitoring
  • Drilling works and monitoring well installation
  • Development of a Conceptual Site Model (CSM)
  • Landfill Gas Risk Assessment (LFGRA)
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