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Industrial Estate Solvent Impact Assessment

Project Name

Project Location

Greater Adelaide Area, South Australia



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Project Description

A large industrial estate that had been the site of manufacturing since the 1930’s was investigated for potential solvent impacts under a Voluntary Site Contamination Assessment Proposal (VSCAP). The investigation approach used novel semi-quantitative drilling techniques such as Membrane Interface Hydraulic Profiling (MiHPT) probe coupled with the use of Waterloo Membrane Samplers in order to assess potential Trichloroethene (TCE) contamination.

The use of these novel techniques allowed a cost effective and targeted investigation to then be undertaken in order to assess the potential contamination in a quantitative manner and meet regulatory requirements. Overall, the approach was a great success with a high level of client satisfaction.

The main disciplines undertaken included the following:

  • Drilling works and monitoring well installation
  • Optical Interface Probe (OIP) investigation
  • Membrane Interface Hydraulic Profiling (MiHPT) probe investigation
  • Reporting against the VSCAP requirements
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