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Garden Island Landfill Lo-Cal Flare Supply, GCS Installation, Monitoring and Maintenance

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Port Adelaide, South Australia


Renewal SA

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Project Description

The Garden Island Landfill is a closed landfill situated on a 52Ha site. The initial works were to manage mitigate fugitive landfill gas (LFG) emissions from the site to protect surrounding sensitive receptors and comply with surface gas emission standards.

Ennovo were engaged to design, construct and operate a staged LFG mitigation system to meet regulatory compliance. This included the design, manufacture and installation of a 250 m3/hr HT Lo-Cal flare, that is capable of combusting LFG with a methane concentration of 12 %v/v whilst maintaining combustion temperatures of 1,0000C.

The Lo-Cal flare was connected to an innovative gas collection system which was a combination of standard deep extraction wells with perimeter pin wells to control LFG migration, but also providing pressure relief and quality LFG.

Ennovo continues to undertake monthly monitoring and maintenance of the entire system and manage the landfill site, which has been a great success and meets the regulatory objectives. Specific activities included the following:

  • Pumping trial resource assessment.
  • Elevated flare hire.
  • Lo-Cal HT flare design and manufacture.
  • GCS design and installation.
  • Impact (pin) well system design and installation.
  • Lo-Cal HT flare installation and commissioning.
  • Monitoring and maintenance.
  • Data management and ERF reporting.
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