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Bowral Landfill Lo-Cal Flare Supply, GCS Installation, Monitoring and Maintenance

Project Name

Project Location

Bowral, NSW


Benedict Industries

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Project Description

Biogas Systems were engaged by Benedict Industries to supply and install a gas collection system and Lo-Cal flare at the Bowral Landfill. The works involved installing 10 vertical gas extraction wells and initially providing a temporary elevated flare. The data generated was then used to design a Lo-Cal flare system that could operate at the site for an extended period with declining LFG gas quality and volume over time.

The disciplines covered included the following:

  • NGERs assessment
  • GCS design and installation
  • Elevated flare monitoring and maintenance
  • Lo-Cal flare design and supply
  • Ongoing flare and GCS monitoring and maintenance
  • Data management and ERF reporting
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