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Asbestos Contamination Assessment at Numerous Railway Sidings  

Project Name

Project Location

Greater Broken Hill region, New South Wales



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Project Description

Four railway siding sites in the greater Broken Hill area required investigation and assessment relating to asbestos contaminated soil. The sites were located in very remote areas, and the area of potential asbestos contaminated soil was relatively large.

A comprehensive asbestos contaminated soil sampling and investigation plan was developed for each of the four sites. This was coupled with a robust remote working area protocol, as many of the areas were outside of mobile phone range and were hundreds of kilometres from known permanent habitation. In addition, the works were carried out in peak summer, with the added complication of unseasonal thunderstorms and flash flooding. These presented unique project safety risks which were managed and the works undertaken in a safe manner.

The outcomes of the project were that each area was thoroughly assessed and provided the client with comprehensive and relevant data to make an informed decision regarding remediation where required. Overall, the project was a great success with a high level of client satisfaction.

The main disciplines undertaken included the following:

  • Remote site works
  • Asbestos impacted soil site assessment and investigation
  • Reporting against set asbestos regulatory requirements
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